The Author Backstory

A few years ago, we learned a little too much about the clothing industry.  Let’s just say... some not great stories.

And then we learned how those not-great-stories were linked to other really-not-great-stories; parents selling their children being the most exceptionally not-great-story we can think of.

We dared to ask the question, “What can we do?

The answer actually appeared to be really simple: Jobs. Good jobs: safe workplaces and fair wages – enough for a family to live on.

Parents who can afford food and schooling don’t need to consider selling their children. Could we do something about that?

A trip to India confirmed that fair trade manufacturing and organic farming create exactly the kind of work opportunities we were looking for, in areas of the world where women and children are most vulnerable.

From our own challenges trying to buy ethical children’s clothing we saw that there was an opportunity to meet the needs of two groups of people; people with much in common - but living in two very different realities.

But, of course, there was a risk: with so many cheaper options available… even if higher prices meant better lives for the people making our clothes - would parents be willing to pay more for their kids’ clothing?

No, probably not everyone.

But what if there were some who’d be willing?

What if other families were asking the very same question: “What can we do?”

What if we could help make it easy to answer that question? What if our families could do something...while doing something that we already do anyway?

Would it be possible for families like us to actually change the world?

Well… probably not the whole world. But could we change the world for a few people? Could we change the world for a lot of people?

Yes. We think that would be possible.

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