"Don't judge a book by the page that you're on." Wise words to live by for any dreamer or change-maker. A behind the scenes glimpse into the dance that is family and business and #madehonourably fashion.

A journal for those on a journey.

Rise of the Guardians
We want our girls to learn, through as many mediums and stories as possible - fear only has as much power as we let it have.  

In traditional business math, the more clothes a company sells, the more money it makes... We happen to believe that it is possible to build a successful clothing company by selling fewer more people.

Less about turkey and more about sanity.

New York Times bestselling author and Canadian mama of seven, Ann Voskamp, explains the phenomenon of thanks-giving this way:

“We only feel one emotion at a time so it’s impossible to give thanks and feel fear or anger."


Late-night birthday cake.

My family is asleep, the birthday cake is put away (minus one extra slice) and I'm curled up with a laptop trying to process this moment into words.

The story of a little, but life-changing, "No".

They say every journey starts with a single step. But the first "step" of this journey wasn't even recognizable as a "step". 

Sometimes a really big "Yes" begins with a really small, silent "No".

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