Create a Wishlist

Birthdays and holidays are reasons to celebrate – even if you’re trying to keep a tight reign on the clothes and toys that flow into your home.

Our WISHLIST makes it easy to help family and friends find the perfect gifts; ones that share your values and are sure to be worn on repeat

STEP ONE: Simply select the items, colours and sizes you want and ADD TO WISHLIST (look for the HEART icon). 

STEP TWO: Access your list through the heart icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.

STEP THREE:  Tap the dots in the top right corner to access the SHARE icon. Email your wishlist directly to your gift-giver so they can complete their shopping with quickly and easily!

PLEASE NOTE: Items on your list are not reserved. If you are concerned about a colour or size selling out, please communicate this directly with your generous gift-giver.

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