Why "great stories"?

The words, “I have to go to work,” are not uncommon in our everyday conversations.  But take a moment to imagine what it would be like to need work and not have a  dependable job or respectable way to provide for your family.

Or imagine that you are fortunate enough to have a job that pays you legal minimum wage; but that legal wage is less than half of what it costs your family to live.

So when your employer requests that you work overtime, it’s not optional. You can’t afford to say, “No” because many other people are lined up to take your poorly-paying job.

Your workplace may be crowded, hot, unsafe… operating machinery for more than 10 straight hours is unlikely to be safe. Even under these conditions, if you are unable to complete your work, you may endure abuse from employers who are madly trying to fulfill huge orders while maintaining prices low enough to satisfy their major customers.

Now imagine the opportunity to work for an employer who exists to create jobs so that your family and community can not just survive, but thrive.  

Imagine that in 48, rather than 70 hours, you earn enough money to provide food, water, and adequate clothing and shelter. You have medical benefits and some extra money to save for events like a wedding, or a safer stove or repairs to your home. Your employer is respectful, you enjoy meal times with your co-workers.

You can finally afford for your children to go to school - something you didn’t have the opportunity to do. Yesterday you confidently said “No” to the woman who asked if you’d like her to take your 9 year-old daughter to find work in the city.

Our family created Author Clothing to help your family write stories like this.