Why Living-Wages?

A few years ago, we travelled to India and learned the true stories of families living in extreme poverty.

As we stood in the sweltering heat we were told firsthand about the desperate choices facing parents, the unthinkable dangers facing their children. 

We couldn’t help but imagine; what if WE were the parents facing those choices? What if it were OUR daughters whose freedom was at risk? 

Our family started Author Clothing with the dream to create honourable, LIVING-WAGE JOBS that would protect the childhoods of girls and boys as precious as our own two daughters.

By ensuring the people who make our clothes can afford the basic necessities like food, shelter, education and medical care, living-wage jobs effectively transform every piece of Author clothing into a poverty-fighting weapon.

Living-wage jobs mean your kids can love the stories behind how their clothes were made and see how every day decisions, like the clothes we wear, really do have power to change the world.