Visiting Freeset’s facility in Kolkata, India, we were impressed to see firsthand how Freeset is empowering women to break the cycle of poverty and enabling them to become faces of hope in their communities.

A certified member of the World Fair Trade organization (WFTO*), Freeset has been in business since 2001 with a vision to empower the 10,000+ women of Sonagachi in Kolkata, India.

“...The transformation is amazing. The women, now full of hope, become seamstresses, screen printers, community workers, weavers and managers. In their own words, ‘Now we can hold our heads up high’.”

– Kerry Hilton, Co-founder with People Tree founder Safia Minney in Slave to Fashion.

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Assisi Garments

Tiruppur, Southern India: Based on her petite frame, it would be easy to underestimate Sister Vineetha. This powerhouse visionary founded Assisi Garments back in 1994, with five machines and 10 hearing impaired young girls - an effort to provide dignified work and employable skills for the disadvantaged girls.

As their venture grew, this community of Franciscan sisters dedicated their production to 100% organic cotton after watching the health problems and economic despair suffered by farmers growing genetically modified and conventional cotton. Assisi has been producing solely organic clothing since 1997 and is recognized as the first company in India to achieve GOTS certification.

Assisi inspires us as they take “great stories” to another level by using their profit to fund a variety of local projects; schools for the blind, care homes for the elderly, orphanages, a cancer hospital and programs to help those affected with deafness, mental disabilities, AIDS and leprosy.

Learn more about what GOTS certification means.

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Great stories are being written around the world. In dusty African villages, rural Asian farming communities and North American inner-cities, courageous people are sacrificing comfort, personal financial gain, and sometimes safety to create honourable jobs and opportunities for those who need them most.

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