Possibility - Charcoal

Colour: charcoal

Dreams and ideas are just dreams and ideas - until we share them with someone. The wearers of this tee are those someones; the community-creators, the ones who cheer us on, the ones who remind us that anything is possible...the ones who help turn our ideas of what could be into stories of what happened.

Every piece of clothing has a story...the stories behind the making of this shirt are ones of dignity and respect for everyone who helped to make it.

  • Made from 60% organic GOTS* cotton and 40% recycled polyester, creating a soft fabric with added durability.
  • Designed for versatility...and stain-hiding capabilities. 
  • Sewn by our fair trade certified (WFTO*) partner in Kolkata, India, your t-shirt is rewriting the futures of some incredible women through the power of honourable employment. 

The Global Organic Textile Standard provides assurance that your purchases are writing brighter futures for vulnerable farming families through every step of organic cotton production.

Cotton-processing workers are paid living-wages sufficient to support their families and are kept safe by high workplace safety standards.

Water supplies of nearby communities are protected because GOTS manufacturers use only approved low-impact dyes and effective water treatment systems.

Food sources are protected by organic farming methods. Natural pest deterrents and predators make cotton crops safe enough for families to grow their own vegetables in the very same field.

Farming families enjoy greater economic security when they are spared from dependency on expensive pesticides required for conventional cotton production.

The World Fair Trade Organization has been working since 1989 to provide economic opportunity for entrepreneurs, artisans, farmers and innovators in 70 countries around the world.

WFTO members are committed to respecting the environment by sourcing local, organic and recycled materials, and reducing energy use or using renewable energy where possible.

While the WFTO sets high business standards in 10 important areas, one of the most notable being a local living-wage; ensuring that, in no more than 48 hours of work per week, a worker receives enough income to cover the basics: food, water, housing, education, health care, transportation, clothing, plus some extra to save for emergencies, house repairs or life events.

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